How Does Sound Healing Work?

How Does Sound Healing Work?

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Music has been a part of life since ancient times. It impacts our mind and emotions. That’s why people listen to sad songs when they feel low, and party songs when they are happy. Have you ever thought about it? Why don’t you like sad songs when you are in a party mood? There are deep psychological reasons behind it. A sound therapist has in-depth knowledge of the techniques and uses specific instruments and sounds to heal us from mental, emotional and physical complications.

What happens in the session?

According to a sound therapist, the healing process is based on the musical vibrations and tendencies of the human body. You might have studied about resonance, and how each object vibrate. So, the therapist uses certain instruments such as healing bowls, tuning forks, bells, etc. The patients have to set their bodies free and move it along with these vibrations. The therapist in the session sets these instruments to various frequencies and volumes and asks the patient to relax. The therapy might include body massage, bath, and music. These vibrations could be high and low at times. The effect of the music is so high that even deaf can feel these vibrations. Sound healing therapist massages the body, especially the parts that hold most emotions, fears, and traumas.

What is the science behind it?

You already know that objects do not have sound. They only have resonance. We experience certain emotions after listening to music is because of our sentiments. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, the science behind sound therapy is that music releases various chemicals in our bodies. The therapist uses different sounds that release dopamine. Dopamine is a happy chemical that lets us feel positive.  It also releases oxytocin which also is a pain killer. So, we can assume that music has the power to heal our pains and make us happy.

Impact of Sound Therapy

The essential idea behind Sound therapy is resonance. Everything in the universe including human has its resonance and vibrations. According to this theory, people fall ill if their bodies’ natural frequencies are out of tune. So sound therapist lets us lost in the music and move the body along with the vibrations which eventually brings back the natural balance. The healing sessions work to unblock several points of our bodies, and thus recover us from the illness. If you too are struggling with emotional traumas, then you should directly connect with the expert and trained sound therapists at Vishuddhii, You would love to attend the sessions where you would be able to learn yourself. Connect with us if you have any doubts about the therapy and its benefits.

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