As per our ancient epics and scriptures it is mentioned that a demon named “Tripurasur” had fought and defeated Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Takshak. He had caused havoc in the lives of all people. Therefore all the gods approached Lord Shiva for help in getting rid of this evil demon. Lord Shiva then wore his Bow and Arrow along-with his special weapon called “Kaalagni”. Thereafter he is believed to have meditated for thousand divine years to attain powers to kill Tripurasur. Due to the fatigue of meditation and happiness, tears dropped from his eyes and at places where these tears fell Rudraksha trees are believed to have emerged.

Another time Lord Shiva was pained to see the suffering of man in going through the repeated cycle of birth and death. He was pained as man was not able to attain salvation (moksha) from this unending cycle. Due to the deep pain that he felt tear drops started to flow from his eyes and at places where these tear drops fell Rudraksha trees are supposed to have grown. The seeds of these trees (Rudraksha) are believed to have the powers to provide moksha(salvation) from the cycle of birth and death. That was one reason why since ancient time, sages and other holy men in pursuit of moksha wore Rudraksha, which is a wonderful gift to mankind from Lord Shiva.

According to Shiv-Mahapuran, Parvati the divine-consort of Shiva asked about Rudraksha and Lord Shiva hearing her question said that Shiva had done penance for 1000 years and tired of keeping his eyes closed he opened them and few tear drops fell to the earth and from these Rudraksha trees are supposed to have grown.

Rudraksha found in different places around the earth but most popular Rudraksha is from Nepal, North India and Indonesia. Among them Nepali Rudraksha is more rear and popular. It has got a round shape comes with different faces. There are 1-21 faces Rudraksha found in Nepal but sometimes farmers harvest 24 and 27 faces too. One face Rudraksha is very rear and hard to find. There are very few farmers who have found one face Rudraksha in Nepal. Mostly Nepali Rudraksha comes in more than 20 MM size up to 40 MM. Bigger the size bigger the power. Ninety percentage of Rudraksha comes with four, five and six faces and more rear pieces are 14 faces to 21 faces.

What are Rudraksha beads?

Found in nature in trees called the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus, it holds high religious significance for its protective abilities. Rudraksha beads are generally grouped together in malas (garlands), which are worn for various purposes and also used to chant incantations like Om Namah Shivaay owing to their association with Lord Shiva. Garlands usually consist of 27, 54 or 108 beads, with one extra one, called the ‘guru bead’. In their ripest form, Rudraksha beads are covered in blue shells. Immensely important to followers of Hinduism, Rudraksha beads are said to protect wearers from misfortune, failure, bad company, ill-health and provide materialistic, emotional and mental gains.

Types of Rudraksha beads

The different types of Rudraksha beads by the number of faces (mukhi) they have. They are named in a similar manner like 1 mukhi Rudraksha, 2 mukhi Rudraksha, 3 mukhi Rudraksha, 4 mukhi Rudraksha, etc. The different types of beads hold different advantages and benefits that come into force upon wearing or chanting the prescribed incantation. Of these, there a few particular beads that are known to work wonders for the user’s personal life.

Rudraksha beads for personal benefits

One who touch or wear Rudraksha gets the same benefit as donating thousands of Cow. Controls blood pressure, mental disorders, neurological disorders, asthma, diabetes and gynecological disorders. Relieves stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. It possess powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties and thus on wearing these Rudraksha, specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive brain centers and thereby causing transformation in the personality, outlook, charisma and confidence of the wearer.

Hence, it is clear that the Rudraksha bead holds great power and abilities. If you are facing any issues in your personal life, or are feeling emotions of discontent and frustration, it is advisable to consult an expert and start the use of a Rudraksha mala and a chant that is prescribed.

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