What Are Rudraksha Beads? Why Are They Termed As Sacred?

What Are Rudraksha Beads? Why Are They Termed As Sacred?

What Are Rudraksha Beads? Why Are They Termed As Sacred?

The seed of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree is named as Rudraksha. Presently everyone is aware of its importance. It is valued because of its impacts on physical and mental illnesses. Even science has approved the advantages of wearing Rudraksha. That is the reason people wear it in the form of a “Mala.”

You might have a different understanding of it. You might have heard of Rudraksha because of its association with Lord Shiva. It is the only trees that have been mentioned in the scriptures and that’s why it has deep roots in Hindu Mythology.

How can Rudraksha Help you?

Wearing Rudraksha can help you deal with all such ailments. It has the magical power to heal mental and physical diseases. Now the question is, How? Well, this question could be answered with two exactly opposite approaches. One is scientific while the other is religion. I will explain both. Before that, however, you should know how these precious beads are formed.
The basic understanding is that these trees naturally grow when there is an exact temperature at the Himalayan. But, the famous legend says that Lord Shiva meditated for 1000 years, and after opening his eyes, he shed tears which landed on earth and developed as the Rudraksha seeds.

Spiritual Benefits
Rudraksha trees grow in the Himalayan region and are found in countries such as Nepal, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. The name “Rudra + Aksha” means Shiva’s eyes because Rudra is another name for Shiva, and “Aksha” in Sanskrit means eyes. It suggests that the legend which says they came from lord shiva’s tears might be correct. The Yogis and Gurus consider them as sacred and precious. They have symbolized it as the object connecting earth and heaven. According to religion, People who wear rudraksha can attain salvation.

Physical Benefits

Religion is not the only reason why people prefer these beads. There are scientific benefits as well. These trees are very rare, and are only found at specific places. They need a distinct temperature and altitude to grow. There are infinite physical advantages, as it can recover us from depression, anxiety, and many other problems. According to scientific research, it is due to its temperature that it keeps us calm in stressful situations. These beads keep and calm and tranquil, and control our body temperature and blood pressure to protect us from numerous diseases.
Rudraksha has electromagnetic powers. These magnetic powers clear the blockages in our body such as blocked veins and resolve physical problems.

But why are we discussing it here!

The 21st-century human has become too exhausted with the daily routine that he doesn’t even have time to think that he is frustrated. So, rather than studying what’s going on in celebs lives, we should sometimes think of resolving our problems, and introspect whether you are mentally sound.
These problems have become a part of our lifestyles, and we have gradually evolved to live with them. What we ignore is that these are also diseases, and are more harmful than the physical ones. We should not overlook our mental and emotional needs when it too easy to cure them.
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