Is Your Modern Day Lifestyle Affecting Your Mental Health?

Is Your Modern Day Lifestyle Affecting Your Mental Health?

Is Your Modern Day Lifestyle Affecting Your Mental Health?

Our lifestyle has a huge effect on our mental and physical health.  Our lifestyle determines, what kind of a person we are, it also determines our health and wellbeing.

In the 21st century, everyone is more close to the technology than they are to their loved ones. Our dependence on technology has made us prone to many physical and mental ailments. Our lives have become more materialistic and inactive. We are more active social media sites than we are in real life. We may not know the name of our next-door neighbor, but we do know the Instagram handle of some stranger living a thousand miles away from us.

Modern technology isn’t the only thing to blame but a lot of different things that have shaped our lifestyle like this.

  • Eating habits: Our eating habits have become lazy just like ourselves, as no one has time to cook food at their homes, rather we are likely to order or go out to eat junk food. Unhealthy food has become more of a lifestyle and a habit for people living away from home, therefore, obesity and heart problems have become more common. Thus, making people less confident and insecure about themselves.
  • Relationships: Therapists have stated, that a person with a healthier relationship is likely to suffer from less mental disorders, than a person with an unhealthy relationship or no relationships with friends and family.
  • Lazier life choices: Taking the elevator instead of stairs and skipping exercise, and binging on Netflix all day. These things seem small, but they are some perfect examples of our lazy life choices, which have shaped our sedentary lifestyle.
  • Communication gap: People indulging themselves more on social media, maintaining an image of a perfect life. The real communication has become harder to find, as everyone is pretending to be someone they are not. This type of lifestyle has become a root cause of social anxiety, depression, and stress.

A little change in our lifestyle can become a blessing for our physical and mental health. But, can we leave these old habits so quickly. These sudden change may seem impossible, but with some little steps, can bring a huge change in our lifestyle.

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