What Are The Different Types Of Meditation?

What Are The Different Types Of Meditation?

What Are The Different Types Of Meditation?

People have been meditating since ancient times. It fills us with peace and harmony. Meditation helps us avoid distractions and enhances our focus. Meditation allows us to focus on our breath and another major point to control our heartbeat and blood pressure. That’s how meditation helps us cure physical illnesses. Apart from this, meditation allows us to think. After a deep session of mindfulness meditation, we get to learn about our weaknesses, desires, and distractions. It will eventually help us avoid distractions that hinder us from achieving the long term goals. We can be happy, positive, confident and more focused when we are free from distractions. It would increase the presence of mind and work quality.

Types of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are not hidden; everyone can take advantage of it if s/he has proper guidance. Vishuddhii has initiated to spread awareness. There are numerous techniques of meditation for different people, and you must choose the one you can start with.
Mindfulness Meditation – If you wish to enhance your concentration, attention, and presence of mind, then you must practice mindful meditation This type of meditation does not expect you to avoid distractive thoughts. On the other hand, you must record the topics that usually distract you. You have to allow these thoughts to learn about your weaknesses without getting lost in them. So, you must allow distraction, being aware that they are distractions and that you have to work upon them.
Spiritual Meditation – This is the most difficult form of meditation as people have to forget all the earthly concerns in order to experience the divine presence. It is suggested to people who have chosen the spiritual lifestyle and have denounced the earthly desires and distractions for eternal peace. The person reaches to a mystical place and experiences a connection with the god.
Focused Meditation – During this meditation, all we have to do is to focus on a specific point, and stop thinking about other things. People need to use either of their senses for the concentration. For example, the person could use his eyes to stare at the flame of a candle. Use the ears to listen to some spiritual song, fingers to count beads on a mala. The best way to try focused meditation is to focus on the breath, which will enhance the 6th sense.
Mantra Meditation– It has been mentioned in Hindu and Buddhist religions. In this type of meditation, people need to chant a sound, word, or phrase time and again. The concentration should be so deep the speaker gets lost in the words and melody.  This type of meditation is used to clear the vision and reveal the actual potential.
Metta Meditation– Another name for Metta meditation is loving-kindness meditation. The aim of this meditation is to transform the one into a kind and compassionate person. It is one of the Buddhist techniques of meditation. People who are frustrated with their lives and surroundings should practice this type of meditation. It helps them become more caring and loving. After practicing it, you will start accepting our enemies and challenges.

How to choose the best technique?

There are no doubts that Meditation is necessary for our physical, emotional and mental well being. Still, people fail to practice it on a daily basis because they don’t have exact information about meditation. They are only aware of a few types of meditation and often try the spiritual or focused meditation which is not easy for beginners. At vishuddhii, we inform you about different types and techniques of meditation and offer a calm and soothing environment where you can better explore yourself.

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