Bioenergy Healing

“Safe, Non-invasive, Pain-free and Patient-friendly”

Bioenergy Healing

At Vishuddhii, we offer a unique and highly effective healing therapy called Bioenergy Healing which Mr. Sanjay Warke travelled to Slovenia to learn.

This healing therapy focusses on healing the body holistically addressing each of the systems in the body viz the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, circulatory and other systems. It is based on stimulating these systems to enable the body to effectively fight diseases in such a way that the body starts to heal itself.

Why Bioenergy Healing from Vishuddhii?

Bioenergy Healing is safe, non-invasive, pain free and patient friendly.

We have seen great results with healing Thyroid, Sugar, Seizures, Prostrate, Diseases of the Eyes, Hearing problems, Arthritis and Autism in children and many more conditions using this therapy.

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