Anahata – The Meditation Cave

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“Meditation does not just solve, but dissolves your problems”

Anahata – The Meditation Cave

Meditation is the practice of learning to control your mind and unlock various parts of your brain to gain clarity about the world and yourself. It is an integral part of Eastern philosophy practiced in all religions. The monks of ancient India used to meditate for hours in any type of environment. However, when you are beginning, you would need a controlled space to do it. This is one of the reasons the monks used to go to the caves, away and disconnected from the world, to meditate.

The Anahata Meditation Cave at Vishuddhii is specially designed for Meditation in the modern day and age. The cave simulates an environment to make you feel amidst nature, in solitude and uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Benefits of Meditation

There are immense benefits of Meditation which can be experienced by those who get initiated on the path of Overall Well-being. Though initially, it may not seem an easy practice, once you get into the habit of meditating daily, it becomes your second nature. Some of the immediate benefits of Meditation are:

  • Controls Stress & Anxiety
  • Ensures Better Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-awareness
  • Increases Attention span
  • Reduces Age-related memory loss
  • Helps Fight addiction
  • Controls Blood pressure and Improves Sleep

Reasons to Choose Anahata – The Meditation Cave

Meditation has the potential to change your perspective of the world. It can make you a calmer person not easily affected by the challenges in life. However, the process to reach this stage takes time and needs determination.

At Anahata, we help you take the first step towards that goal. Even if you feel that attaining a high degree of composure is not your goal in this stage of your life, Meditation can help you become mentally stronger and help you face your daily challenges in a much better way.

Contact us here at Vishuddhii, to begin your journey towards Overall Well-being through the path of Meditation at Anahata.

How Meditation Works?

Stress has become a part of our busy city life. However, it should never have been. Many leading studies have proven that stress has various detrimental effects on the body. The purpose of Meditation is to help you step away from stress and anxiety and be with yourself and your thoughts. Through a gradual process, you learn to control your mind, rather than letting your mind control your actions.

Meditation makes you introspect and encourages you to live life on your terms, instead of letting the world dictate how you would live.

Let Vishuddhii help you take your first steps on the path of Calmness and Conscious Living, by initiating you with guided Meditation sessions at Anahata.

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